UPDATE – Xbox Game Pass Quests Reward Points per increased overnight

By Rich Stone,
The new Xbox Game Pass Quests are now live. With the Xbox Game Pass quest system you can earn Microsoft Rewards points by playing games. Complete daily, weekly and monthly challenges to maximise your Rewards points gain.

UPDATE: Many were disappointed in the decrease in Microsoft Rewards points value per Quest yesterday. It seems that this was either in error or Microsoft have back-pedalled on the decision to decrease them so harshly. Daily Quests are still showing as only 5 points compared to the 15 of previous days. However Weekly game-specific Quests have been increased from 20 to 50 points and Monthly game-specific Quests have been increased from 20 to 75 points. That changes the overall point gain from 405 to 1635 points, compared to what appeared yesterday.

It's not a complete revert to February's points gain, though. As well as the Daily Quests remaining at a reduced rate, the standard recurring quests of the Week – such as earning any achievement in Game Pass – remain at 10 points instead of the 25-50 points of previous weeks. For the Monthly recurring Quests, Completionist and Dedication remain at February's values of 1000 and 100. Adventurer, Apprentice and On the Go are reduced from 50 to 25 since February, though that's up from 20 yesterday. Rookie and Explorer are down to 10 from 25. All in all, a bit of a mess, and hopefully the last time Microsoft experiments with Rewards points values in the middle of a live week.

The below table has been updated to the correct values. You can also check out the updated values on our Xbox Quests page, along with tips and advice from the community. Feel free to leave some of your own.

Xbox Game Pass Daily Quests

NameObjectivesReward Points
Play Game Pass Play any Game Pass game5
Log in to the Game Pass Mobile AppLog in to the Game Pass mobile app5

Xbox Game Pass Weekly Quests

These Xbox Game Pass Quests can be earned between the 03 March 2020 and 10 March 2020. This week, you'll need to get 2,000 Gil in Final Fantasy XV and win three ranked matches in Tekken 7.

NameObjectivesReward Points
Earn an Achievement in Game PassEarn an achievement in any Game Pass game10
Complete 4 Daily QuestsComplete 4 daily quests this week10
Earn Your WayUnlock 4 achievements or play 5 different Game Pass games 10
TEKKEN 7 *Win 3 ranked matches50
Final Fantasy XVAcquire 2,000 Gil50
* These quests require an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

Xbox Game Pass Monthly Quests

These Xbox Game Pass Quests can be earned between the 03 March 2020 and 06 April 2020, and you'll need to dive into Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Black Desert, DOOM, and Terraria to do so. The quests for Terraria and Kingdom Come: Deliverance don't sound too taxing: you'll need to take Henry to collect 20 money for Kingdom Come, and to gather 1,000 resources for Terraria. The two quests for DOOM and Black Desert might be more taxing; you'll need to get 50 barrel kills for the first and earn 2,000 Gifted Sellswords for the second. Luckily, one TA community member has already left a tip for the DOOM quest.
NameObjectivesReward Points
Game Pass AdventurerPlay 10 different Game Pass games25
Quest RookieComplete 4 weekly quests this month10
Quest ApprenticeComplete 8 weekly quests this month25
Quest DedicationComplete 12 daily and 12 weekly quests:
- Complete 12 daily quests this month to earn Rewards points
- Complete 12 weekly quests this month to earn Rewards points
Quest CompletionistComplete 45 daily and 15 weekly quests:
- Complete 45 daily quests this month to earn Rewards points
- Complete 15 weekly quests this month to earn Rewards points
Game Pass Games On the GoInstall 5 games using the Game Pass mobile app25
Game Pass ExplorerPlay 4 different Game Pass games10
Black DesertEarn 2,000 Gifted Sellswords75
DOOMGet 50 barrel kills75
Kingdom Come: DeliveranceCollect 20 money75
TerrariaGather 1,000 resources75

Many quests simply need you to earn one or more achievements in any Game Pass game. Check our full and up-to-date list of Xbox Game Pass games and Xbox Game Pass for PC games, where you will find completion time estimates, user ratings and more.
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