Next week's Sea of Thieves update adds a Tall Tale and a new throwable weapon

By Heidi Nicholas,
Next week sees the start of Heart of Fire, the newest Tall Tale for Sea of Thieves, on March 11th. Heart of Fire will carry on the story of Sir Arthur Pendragon from Seabound Soul. The update also adds in a new throwable — and banana-themed weapons.

The devs keep the larger details of the newest Tall Tale to themselves, but do say that it'll feature new firetraps and mechanisms, with a visual to match its ashen theme. Their "first look" shows some of these new firetraps in action; curtains of fire falling across the path with just enough time to squeeze through before they block it off. They also say that they've endeavoured to include a variety of routes for players to try out while playing Heart of Fire, so that each time they come back through to get Commendations, it'll be a different experience. They add that the firetraps in question won't kill you in one go.

Heart of Fire

The new throwable is the Blunderbomb, an explosive which can be used to clear areas you're trying to reach. The update will have several other new features and quality of life improvements; the Merchant Alliance will accept ammo crates, Chests of Rage will be found washed up on island shores, and when you start a session in Arena or Adventure, you'll start out with two firebombs, Chainshots, and Blunderbombs.

The Sea of Thieves team are also bringing new items to the Pirate Emporium: banana-themed weapons and pet outfits, all centred around celebrating the "Cronch" of the fruit in the game. There are two "Cronch" Sea of Thieves achievements, so it makes a sort of sense that they want to bring that into the game. The gear is made up of hand-carved weapons, and a little waistcoat and hat for the parrot or monkey of your choice.

Heart of Fire

Lastly, the devs remind that there's only a few days left to purchase the Valiant Dawn sails to raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. The sails are available until March 11th, when Heart of Fire begins.

Valiant Dawn sails

Heart of Fire begins next week on March 11th.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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