Horde Frenzy will return in Gears 5 with a week of Free Boost and double character XP

By Heidi Nicholas,
Title Update 4.2 releases for Gears 5 next week on March 10th. It'll bring the return of Gears 4's Horde Frenzy — made more intense for Gears 5 — as well as a full week of Free Boost and double Character XP for Horde.

Title update 4.2

In their recent forum post, The Coalition details how they've stepped up Horde Frenzy for Gears 5. In Gears 4, it was a half-length variant which players could get into without needing to invest a huge amount of time. That still seems to be their goal with the new and improved Horde Frenzy; to make it so that even the busiest of gamers will still be able to fit it into their free time. In Gears 5, Horde Frenzy is made up of 12 waves and lasts around half an hour. It's only going to be available on the Exhibit, Forge, and District maps through matchmaking at first, but the devs say that when Operation 3 rolls around, Horde Frenzy matchmaking will be available on all maps, and that it'll be made into a full mode for Custom Lobbies later in 2020.

A mini-boss will pop up at wave four, followed by a boss and mini-boss together at waves eight and 12. Players will have more Power at the start and will get more Power from Power Taps. The Coalition are planning to celebrate this reintroduction of Horde Frenzy with a week of Free Boost and Double Character XP in Horde. Title Update 4.2 will also address a few issues. It'll replace the Iron Man mutator in "The Descent" Escape Hive with Ammo Starvation, and will reduce the number of Bastions in "The Gauntlet" Escape Hive. There's fixes for the consistency of the Boomshot, and a reduction of the number of players required to start FFA from 12 to six. They're also increasing the number of points earned for capping and breaking rings to 100. If you'd like to read the rest of the update notes in full, you can do so here.

Title Update 4.2 will be out next week on March 10th. It'll arrive that Tuesday at 10am PT with a live update at 1pm PT.

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