Rocket League's March update allows for Blueprint trade-ins

By Sean Carey,
A new update that rolls out tomorrow for Rocket League allows for Blueprints to be traded in and includes several small tweaks and quality of life improvements.

Rocket League Blueprints

A previous update released late last year removed Loot Boxes from the game. Instead, players can now see what they are unlocking with Blueprints. Now, players will be able to trade in Blueprints for a Blueprint of higher rarity, much like how the trading in of free items works. If you trade in five Blueprints which are from both the same rarity and the same series, you'll be given one Blueprint of a higher rarity in return.

We aren't sure if this will apply to two of Rocket League's achievements that require you to trade-in items. We have reached out to Psyonix for more information. Thanks to ICE Faux Pirate for the heads-up.

Rocket LeagueTrade SecretThe Trade Secret achievement in Rocket League worth 104 pointsTrade In five items of the same quality to receive an item of the next-highest quality

Rocket LeagueSwap MeetThe Swap Meet achievement in Rocket League worth 54 pointsTrade and receive one or more items with another player in a single transaction

The update also details that inventory management will be getting a re-work. Now, any filters set while viewing items in your inventory will stay active until you've left the menu. Changing tabs will also keep the applied filters.

Psyonix is also adding some dynamic range controls for Rocket League's audio. The update adds dynamic range presets which can be found under the Audio tab in the game's options menu. Medium (Default) is a balanced audio mix for those playing with headphones and is similar to the game's current profile. Low (Night) is for listening at low levels and makes loud sounds quieter. Some sounds have also been removed with this option. High (Theatre) is suitable for those who play on high volume or who own top-tier sound systems.

Changes to Rocket League's default settings are also coming in the March update. According to Psyonix, this will not affect any modified control schemes or camera settings and is designed to make it easier for new players. The list of changes from the patch notes is included below.


  • Distance increased from 260 to 270
  • Stiffness increased from 0.3 to 0.5
  • Camera Shake intensity reduced for most actions
  • "Legacy" Camera Preset added for players who prefer the original default settings


  • Controller Deadzone value reduced from 0.3 to 0.2
  • Dodge Deadzone value increased from 0.5 to 0.8
  • Reduced the intensity of controller vibration at the default setting
  • Boost now only vibrates the controller when Boost is activated, and not while it remains active.
  • The "Medium" and "High" Vibration settings use the old Vibration


  • Nameplates are now "Always Visible" by default.
  • Team Colored Boost Meter is now enabled by default.
Rocket League's March update rolls out on all platforms tomorrow.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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