Operation Void Edge is now live in Rainbow Six Siege

By Sean Carey,
Operation Void Edge has officially kicked off in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege and brings with it a couple of new Operators. Iana is a new attacker from the Netherlands and can produce a remote-controlled hologram of herself, while Oryx, a defender from Jordan, can use a dash to break through walls. The update also introduces a reworked version of the map Oregon and several bug fixes and changes.

Iana uses a high-tech replicator to create a holographic version of herself that can scout ahead, free from consequence. It can't shoot or use any secondary gadgets, but it can be used to confuse the enemy and collect vital information. Oryx uses a special move called the Remah Dash. The dash can be used to cover short distances quickly, knock down enemies and breach through breakable walls, although breaching costs a small amount of health. Oryx also has a unique ability when it comes to broken hatches. The defender can climb straight through quickly, or hang on the edge and wait for the perfect opportunity to strike.

The Oregon map has had a rework with the update. A lot of areas have been structured to be more open, and some new points of access have been added. Big Tower has been connected to Kitchen while a new basement area leads up to the first floor.

The update also makes several smaller changes to the game. Barricade debris has been reduced, Lesion and Twitch have received some balance tweaks, and a number of older Operators have had their prices slashed.

Those who own the Year 5 Season Pass can access the two new Operators now. All other players will be able to unlock Iana and Oryx from March 17th using Renown or R6 Credits.

The Siege devs want the game to go free-to-play in the future. Until then, you can pick up Rainbow Six Siege on sale.
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Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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