Rockstar is offering Rank Rewards and Benefits to Red Dead Online players until April

By Heidi Nicholas,
For the rest of the month, Rockstar is dishing out rewards and benefits to all Red Dead Online players for reaching certain ranks, with rewards for everyone just starting out, as well as those who are already legends of the West. All rank rewards will be active until April 6th. There's also a current 40% discount on ammo for revolvers, repeaters, and rifles.

Red Dead Online

Rockstar detailed the rewards in their latest newswire. It's not yet clear whether this will replace their weekly updates, which are usually themed around a particular Frontier role: last week's was for Moonshiners, the one before for Collectors, and so on. Since these Rank Rewards are running for the next few weeks, it's likely that Rockstar may also roll out other updates to keep the game refreshed.

Rank 10

Reaching Rank 10 will get you a reward for a free Hunting Bow, as well as an offer for a discount of five gold bars off the price of the Bounty Hunter Licence: it'll be priced at 10 gold bars instead of 15.

Rank 20

This will get you an offer for 50% off any Shotgun, and 50% off any Revolver.

Rank 30

Reaching Rank 30 gets you a reward of a free Machete and 50% off any Repeater.

Rank 40

Reaching Rank 40 gets you 40% off the price of a Stable Stall and 40% off any horse.

Rank 50

This will get you a reward of one free Character Appearance Change, 50% off any Coat under Rank 15, and 40% off a tent.

Rank 60

Players at Rank 60 and upwards get a free Navy Revolver, 40% off a Camp Dog, 50% off a Stable Stall, and five free refills for Moonshine Mash.

Red Dead Online

All rank rewards are available for the rest of March, and through to April 6th.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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