E3 2011: FIFA 12 Football Club Online Mode

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
EA has announced a new free online service that will be implemented at launch in FIFA 12. EA SPORTS Football Club will track the stats for "everything that happens" in FIFA 12, and every match will matter.

Through the Support Your Club feature, fans can represent their favourite club and compete against their rivals with everything that the players do. Club points can be earned that will be used in the Support Your Club League Tables; these points will lift your club higher in the tables and may even help them avoid relegation. The league tables will be reset on a weekly basis so that "new challenges, renewed rivalries, and fresh storylines" will be created.

Players will be able to earn experience points to level up and build their own status. You can keep track of friends, challenges and your status away from the game through easportsfootball.com. Social channels like Facebook can also be used to share / compare / brag about your accomplishments.

Real world events will dictate content within the EA SPORTS Football Club mode. A dedicated team will regularly update challenges and storylines so that players can relive crucial events from the week's biggest matches; the game "will look, feel and play like the real-world season." For example, if your team is defeated in that week's match, FIFA 12 will issue a challenge for you to avenge that defeat in the game. If you win, you get points that count towards the progression of both your club and your player level.

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FIFA 12 is due to be released in Autumn / Fall 2011.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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