The first Control DLC is a limited-time exclusive for PS4 – comes to Xbox One in June

By Sean Carey,
The first expansion for Control launches on June 25th for Xbox One owners. The Foundation is limited-time exclusive to PlayStation, with PS4 owners getting access to the DLC this month on March 26th. The expansion will see Jesse venture beneath the Bureau to restore order to the Oldest House.

We don't know too much of what to expect from the expansion in terms of its storyline. What little we do know is that Helen Marshall – the head of operations for the Bureau that disappears during the game – is still unaccounted for. Jesse is told by the board that a "situation" has arisen down in the Foundation and she's tasked with putting an end to it.

As revealed by IGN, there will be a new ability to learn called Shape, which comes in two skills: Create and Fracture. You'll be able to use these new powers in combat and to solve new puzzles called Rituals. Shape allows you to change the environment around you by growing things our of the walls or floor. It can also be used to create platforms to gain access to hard to reach areas. According to PlayStation Blog, there's a new enemy type to contend with too. Hiss Sharpened can be found in caves while exploring underneath the Older House. They are armed with pickaxes and will attack from different directions.

There's also a free update coming to all players alongside The Foundation DLC. The functionality of the map has seen an improvement, Ability points can be reallocated using Essence at Control points, and some quality of life improvements have been made with the update. All players will get access to a new Shield Rush ability upgrade too.

A second expansion for Control is also coming later this year. The expansion is believed to have a strong connection to Alan Wake and will be releasing mid-2020.

The Foundation expansion comes to Xbox One on June 25th.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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