The open beta for Phantasy Star Online 2 starts next week

By Heidi Nicholas,
SEGA has confirmed that the open beta for PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 will begin next week, March 17th, on the same day as they release their Sonic Collaboration Edition.

SEGA has now shared the details of the survey responses for the brief closed beta they ran earlier this year. During the closed beta, 35.50% of players chose to be a human, with 24.30% choosing the Hunter class, and the majority of participants reached less than level 20. Their surveys also showed that most players planned to play the game on Xbox rather than PC.

The open beta starts next Tuesday, and all progress will carry over into the full game. In replies to their tweet, SEGA says that they haven't announced end dates for the open beta, and that players can expect it to "run for a while" — this is a big contrast to the closed beta, which ran for just one day. Players can also download the game before the open beta starts, on March 16th, 10am PDT.

On the same day, SEGA will also be releasing their Sonic Collaboration Edition inspired by the iconic hedgehog. It's priced at $59.99, and includes two Sonic Suit outfits (M and F), two Sonic hairstyles, a Sonic tails emote, the Sonic Knuckles weapon camo, the Sonic Mask accessory, the Ragol Memory and Inventory Expansion consumables to expand inventory and storage, 30 days of premium service, and a range of other consumables including Scratch Tickets, a Free Pass to the Beauty Salon, and experience boosters.

Sonic Collaboration Edition

The open beta starts next week, March 17th. SEGA say there's more info on the way, and to keep an eye on their site. We'll let you know when they provide more details.

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