Xbox Series X size and shape compared to the Xbox One X in Digital Foundry photo shoot

By Sam Quirke,
Digital Foundry has had some exclusive hands-on time with the Xbox Series X – and with the COVID-19 outbreak still hamstringing the industry, they may be among the only ones to get up close for some time. One of the benefits of Digital Foundry's preview is the fact that they were able to take photos. While the world mocked the Series X for looking like a giant black fridge, it seems the truth is that the console isn't even as bulky as an average PC tower – and these photos focus on the real important question for entertainment unit planners. How does the Series X compare to the Xbox One X in size and shape?

All images property of Digital Foundry via Eurogamer.

As should be immediately obvious from the team's photos, the Xbox Series X isn't some impractical monster compared to the One X – its height is similar to the One X's width, and it's depth is considerably shorter. While the Series X is clearly taller than a standard console, it's not prohibitively huge.

The DF team also get to see that impressive custom GPU up close, and spotted the Halo emblem Easter egg on the edge of the internal fan.

Digital Foundry's John Linneman and Richard Leadbetter go into more detail in the below video, spending a decent amount of time getting into specifics on that expandable storage slot on the back on the console. It's a neat little Seagate SSD, which John also shared a shot of on Twitter.

Xbox have shared all sorts of details on the upcoming console, still tentatively slated for a "Holiday 2020" release. We'll be bringing you that info throughout the day.
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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