An Xbox Series X optimised version of Gears 5 will be available at launch

By Sean Carey,
An Xbox Series X optimised version of Gears 5 will be available when the next-gen console launches. Those who own the Xbox One version of the game will get the enhanced version for free thanks to the Series X's Smart Delivery system.


According to an Xbox Wire post, The Coalition has been working on optimising Gears 5 for the Series X. A technical demo of the game running on the next-gen console has been shown to the Microsoft. The game boasts higher resolution textures, higher resolution volumetric fog and a 50% higher particle count than what a PC running the game on Ultra settings allowed for. Frame rates have also seen a boost with the new console. The opening cutscene now runs at 60 FPS in 4K compared to the Xbox One X's 30 FPS. The Coalition has also managed to get Gears 5 running over 100 FPS and is looking to implement 120 FPS for multiplayer modes – something that has yet to be seen on consoles.

Load times have seen an improvement with the Xbox Wire post describing them as "extremely fast." The Coalition has also managed to turn on some features that had to be disabled for the Xbox One X version including contact shadows (this provides extra depth to objects) and self-shadow lighting on foliage.

The Xbox Series X launches this holiday period. For more, check out the full list of specs revealed for the console and article on the new controller and dimensions of the Series X compared to the Xbox One X.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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