UPDATE: Last week's missing achievements are starting to appear for some players

By Sean Carey,
UPDATE March 23rd: Though we still have had no official word from Xbox, it looks like many players are starting to see their retroactive achievements pop. Assuming that the issue is similar to those we've seen in the past, unlocks will likely continue to appear in the coming days somewhat randomly. It's recommended that you load up any games in which you should have unlocked an achievement and play for a short while, to see if those missing achievements appear.

UPDATE March 20th: Unfortunately we have yet to see any progress or response on this issue from Xbox Support, though were are continuing to push via multiple channels.

UPDATE 2: Xbox Support have tweeted that the achievement unlocking issue should be fixed, as of today March 18th.

However, Xbox players on TA and on Twitter are still reporting that achievements unlocked during the problem period still aren't showing up. We've reached out again for more clarification.

UPDATE: We have spoken to Xbox Support, and they are aware of the issue surrounding achievements. Engineers are currently working on the problem, and Xbox Support says that a fix should be going live at some point today. No specific time was mentioned.

Unfortunately, that's all we have at the moment. Fingers crossed everything returns to normal shortly!

ORIGINAL STORY: It seems that Xbox Live is having a few issues when it comes to unlocking achievements. According to several posts on various social media sites and from our own forums, achievements haven't been unlocking for a number of hours now.

Xbox Achievements not working

Xbox Live went down a couple of days ago due to increased demand on its servers. With vast numbers of people being put into quarantine or self-isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems that a lot of them are picking up the Xbox controller and getting some quality gaming time in. The servers quickly went back up, and everything seemed ok until last night when many began reporting that achievements were no longer unlocking.

There are numerous Reddit threads, tweets and Facebook posts all discussing the issue. Some are pointing out that for them, the achievements are unlocking in the background and it's only the notification not popping up. Some have scanned themselves here on TA and can see unlocked achievements, but can't on their consoles. Your mileage may vary on this, but it's worth checking out to see if it works for you.

Although Xbox Support is yet to officially acknowledge the issue, one Redditor said that they've spoken to Support, and the issue should be resolved in 24-72 hours. We've reached out to Xbox Support for further clarification.

Currently, we aren't sure how many people this affects. Has this issue impacted you? Let us know in the comments below.
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