The Witcher 3 walkthrough – a complete Xbox achievement guide

By Sam Quirke,
Starting this week, we want to start celebrating the hard work our community puts into developing achievement walkthroughs for all of us to follow on our quest for more Gamerscore – and to let you know that help is on hand if you're at home and wanting to make the most of your time.

Today, we're starting with the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt walkthrough – a complete Xbox achievement guide by RavenWraithe, with contributions by Kahless Clone, overseen by Shh I am Batman. The Witcher 3 is available in Xbox Game Pass.

Hearts of Stone 3

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Walkthrough

Total The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Achievements in the walkthrough 78
Total Gamerscore 2000
Estimated time to complete 150 to 200 hours
Playthroughs required 1
Missable achievements 19
Unobtainable achievements 0
Online only achievements 0
HaloMonkey3009 helped port the guide over to the Game of the Year Edition, which has its own achievement list with identical requirements. This version is not included in Xbox Game Pass.

RavenWraithe's Witcher 3 walkthrough, published back in 2016 has been given a thumbs up by 236 community members, placing it among the highest for games in Xbox Game Pass to date. There is a brief set of hints and tips for playing The Witcher 3, including how Geralt's limited array of magic works and how to play Gwent; both crucial for completing the list.

The rest of the achievement guide is conveniently split up by each major location Geralt visits in sequence, from White Orchard to the Skellige Isles. Each location page details the earliest and best opportunities to unlock or grind for the game's cumulative achievements, while the Mopping Up section gives the player a chance to take stock and make sure they've unlocked everything they can before heading into some game-changing antics in Act 2, which takes players through to the finish.

Finally, there's individual pages for each of the game's substantial DLC expansions – arguably some of the best DLC packs of the generation, if not of all time. Hearts of Stone takes place concurrently with the main storyline and within its existing maps, while Blood and Wine takes Geralt off for a separate adventure in Toussaint. This last DLC was kind of a farewell from the developers to the fans, so it's best played after you've finished everything else at least once.

If you've used this guide and found it helped you out, please make sure to thank the author. You can ask questions in the Witcher 3 walkthrough thread. As with all of our walkthroughs, you can access a single page, printer-friendly version as well.

If you come across any games without walkthroughs on TrueAchievements and think you're up to the challenge of writing one, you can head over to our walkthrough forum and volunteer. There are walkthroughs that need porting thanks to various versions and platforms, and also a list and discussion of older walkthroughs that could do with an update.

As always, we are enormously grateful to the walkthrough writing community, and the walkthrough management team, for taking the time to make achievement hunting easier for all of us.

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