Bethesda asks employees to stay home, says id Software is prepared for Doom Eternal launch

By Heidi Nicholas,
As more and more companies are closing offices and initiating remote working plans, Bethesda has announced that employees are now being asked to remain at home. They say the id Software team is "fully prepared" to support the launch of DOOM Eternal, and that their "live" titles such as Fallout 76 should "operate as normal".

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Bethesda shared the announcement on Twitter. "Bethesda Softworks is committed to the health and well-being of everyone in our family of global development studios and offices," the statement reads. They say that most of their employees are set up to work from home, but that "those who do not have accommodations to work from home can stay home and will be paid for regular work hours while we work to make telecommuting possible for them." Their announcement continues to say that their "catalogue of live titles, including Fallout 76, The Elder Scrolls Online, The Elder Scrolls Blades and others, will continue to operate as normal." Their customer support teams will also still be available.

Bethesda is quick to reassure fans that no issues are expected for the launch of DOOM Eternal this Friday, March 20th. "We also want to assure everyone that the entire id Software team is fully prepared to support the launch of DOOM Eternal this week", they say. However, they do add that they will "continue to do their best to communicate any changes to their current titles and planned release schedules." Bethesda finishes the statement, saying, "we appreciate your patience and support, and we hope the very best for you and your families."

More and more companies are looking at remote working options. Earlier this week, Rockstar announced that they'd initiated work from home policies, with EA saying they'd recommended employees work from home. Microsoft, meanwhile, has closed all Microsoft Stores. GameStop stores are staying open — amidst reports of a lack of cleaning supplies — but have cancelled events, including midnight launches.

Bethesda Softwork and id Software's biggest upcoming title is of course DOOM Eternal, which releases this Friday, March 20th. We've got a roundup of all DOOM Eternal reviews — it seems to be getting high scores across the board.
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