The Coalition is set to overhaul the entire Ranked system in Gears 5

By Sean Carey,
The Coalition isn't happy with the current state of Ranked in Gears 5 and is planning to rework the entire experience. The Gears 5 team says that it will be moving away from the current system and will be delivering something that's more rewarding.

Gears 5 MPXP changes

Over on the Gears 5 website, a post from The Coalition reads, "It's clear that our Ranking System is not delivering the experience we want or you expect. For players, we see your frustration with the lack of transparency, how it can feel unfairly punishing in certain situations, and how playing Ranked actually gets in the way of your enjoyment with the game."

The Coalition will be radically changing the way Ranked works in the future and says that it wants to deliver something that feels fun and is a clear, rewarding experience for the player. The whole process is going to take some time, but there are some immediate ranked improvements on their way.

Operation 3: Gridiron launches next week, and with it comes a few changes. Players will no longer be able to play Ranked matches in split-screen, excluding the 2v2 Gnasher mode. You'll also need to be above level 30 to play in Ranked unless you're playing with a friend of that level or higher. Other updates that "greatly reduce the chance you gain zero or minimal points from a Ranked win," will be coming early on during Operation 3.

The Coalition acknowledges that the wait for the ranked changes may be slightly frustrating, but the process is a big one and will take time to implement.

In other Gears 5 news, The Coalition has said that a free Xbox Series X copy of the game will be available to those who own an Xbox One version when the Series X launches.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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