There's at least ten different major endings to get in Wasteland 3

By Heidi Nicholas,
inXile Entertainment's turn-based RPG Wasteland 3 releases in a few months time, on May 19th. The devs have stressed before how much RPG features will impact the game, and that choices will have consequences. Now, the game's lead level designer says there'll be at least ten major endings.

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Speaking to PCGamesN, Jeremy Kopman, lead level designer for Wasteland 3, says “We’ve done the back of the envelope maths, and we have at least ten major ending points... And then there’s tonnes of smaller choices that impact little permutations of the ending that ripple out through various characters”. Kopman says they're inspired by Bethesda's Fallout games, which feature expansive choice systems. "Fallout is known for those choices where you can choose to do something very early in the game, and then it has a ripple effect that comes back 25 hours later... We’re drawing from the Fallout games, that’s our parentage.”

Kopman also adds that the team are “also are tracking what different factions think of you, so how much The Patriarch’s security force The Marshals like you affects choices that you can make much later in the game." Bethesda utilise similar reputation systems. When the Wastelanders update arrives for Fallout 76 in April, it'll bring a similar reputation system for the newly added NPCs.

Wasteland 3 is a post-apocalyptic strategy turn-based RPG, which will join Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass for PC when it releases on May 19th.
Heidi Nicholas
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