Cities Skylines: Sunset Harbor achievements revealed

By Sam Quirke,
The next official expansion for Cities: Skylines is Sunset Harbor, and it's coming to Xbox One at the same time as other platforms, next week. Although they are not yet live on Xbox servers, our friends at Paradox Interactive have given us a sneak peek at the achievements that will be added by the new DLC pack.

There are seven new achievements worth 190 Gamerscore.

Name Description Gamerscore
Aquaculture Farm 5 000 000 units of fish and sea plants 10
Fisher King Catch 10 000 000 units of fish. 40
Multidisciplinary Transport Tycoon Build Metro-Intercity Bus, Bus-Intercity Bus, Train-Metro, Metropolitan Airport, and Bus-Metro Hubs 40
Trolleyface Transport 35 000 citizens in trolleybuses. 10
World of Rotorcraft Transport 15 000 citizens in passenger helicopters 10
Come Fly With Me! Have 300 tourists visit the Aviation Club during one week 40
The Waters of Our Lives Treat 20 000 000 m3 of waste water using the Inland Water Treatment Plants 40
Sunset Harbor will introduce a commercial fishing industry to your cities, with new policies and transportation challenges. There are additions to the waste management and water treatment system too, giving players more options to thrive in an environment without open water sources. There are even more options for public transport too, with an Intercity Bus Service and new trolley buses for a more eco-friendly approach. Transport Hubs will allow all of these various transport services to interconnect. Tourism and recreation gets a boost with Passenger Helicopter services and an Aviation club that encourages citizens to take up recreational flying.

Sunset Harbor

The expansion will also add five new maps to build on, with a variety of geographical and climate features and challenges.

Additional content will also launch next week, such as a new Content Creator Pack and a new Radio Station. The Sunset Harbor expansion launches on March 26th. We expect the proper Xbox Live enabled achievement list to drop early next week. Sunset Harbor isn't fully set up on the Microsoft Store yet, but we do have a record showing that it will be $14.99 / £12.99 at launch. You can track that price below. There is also a Cities Skylines Upgrade Bundle on our product tracker that includes Sunset Harbor along with Campus – but there are no price details or descriptions as yet. More information will likely drop next week.

Cities: Skylines - Sunset Harbor

Ahoy! Cities: Skylines - Sunset Harbor introduces the fishing industry, new mass transit options, and important city services. Increase the entertainment of your city by taking flight with helicopters and private planes. Create cities across five new maps and build fishing infrastructure to develop your agricultural industry.

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