Bleeding Edge launch trailer: Ninja Theory working from home, but the game is going ahead

By Sam Quirke,
Ninja Theory might be moving to work from home, but that shouldn't impact the launch of their curveball 4v4 fighter Bleeding Edge next week. While we haven't yet seen a Bleeding Edge achievements list, we have at least been treated to a launch trailer.

Bleeding Edge arrives on March 24th 2020 on Xbox One, Windows 10 and Steam. It'll be Play Anywhere between Windows 10 and Xbox One and added to the Xbox Game Pass games list. Players who either pre-order the game or play it on Xbox Game Pass between March 24th and March 31st will receive the Punk Pack, which comes with exclusive fighter skins, taunts and stickers. If you want some impressions on Bleeding Edge, you can check out Sean's preview.
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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