Crossplay update for Xbox One and PC players in World War Z is now live

By Sean Carey,
A new update that adds crossplay to World War Z for players on Xbox One and PC is now live and available to download. The update also adds a new mission objective, weapon variants and makes several balance changes to Horde mode.

Crossplay functionality is only between Xbox and PC players. The developers have said that the feature will be coming to PS4 in the future, but haven't specified a reason why Sony's platform hasn't been included in this update.

The new mission objective involves carrying a virus sample to the end of a mission. According to the patch notes, Virus Samples can be picked up from AI Director and from Bombers that are downed with them exploding. Carrying them to the end of a mission will get you increased rewards, but are incredibly fragile and will apply adverse effects to you if they break. Also included in this update are some new weapon variants each with their own unique perks. The Pistol, Machine Pistol, Classic Battle Rifle, Battle Rifle and Thumper Grenade Launcher have all been added.

The last update significantly increased the difficulty of Horde Mode in World War Z. However, it looks like the developers are slightly backtracking on that change. The crossplay update slightly reduces the difficulty in Hard mode and significantly reduces it in Normal mode. Special Zombies won't spawn as often in Normal mode, the preparation timer has been increased by 20%, supply points rewards will scale down in later rounds, and more random pickups have been added. For more, head over to the World War Z forums to view the full list of patch notes.

The crossplay update is available to download now.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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