Bleeding Edge is available now — here are the launch patch notes

By Sean Carey,
Bleeding Edge launched earlier today, and Ninja Theory has detailed all of the changes made from the last beta weekend. If you played in either of the beta weekends or the technical alpha playtests, the development team has been listening to your feedback and made a number of small tweaks, and introduced a new map.

A new map called Landslide has been added to the game. Landslide is set in Mexico and is packed with power-ups. There's also a couple of trains that circle some of the objective areas, which are not only deadly if you get stuck on the tracks but can provide you with a tactical advantage. You may have already seen the next fighter coming to Bleeding Edge. Mekko is a Dolphin that controls a crab-like mech and fills a ranged tank role. Unfortunately, the patch notes detail that Mekko is coming soon and not yet available to play.

By playing Bleeding Edge in its first week on Xbox Game Pass, you'll also get the Punk Pack that includes a bunch of cosmetics for several fighters for free. The full list of patch notes is below:


  • Added: Brand new Map Landslide to the rotation.


  • Added: Punk Rock Nidhoggr skin
  • Added: Butterpunk Buttercup skin
  • Added: Outrider ZeroCool skin
  • Added: Rioter's hoverboard
  • Added: Make Your Mark stickers
  • Skullhawk Sticker
  • Ride or Die Sticker
  • Added: The Nihilist Maeve emote
  • Added: Let's Bounce Gizmo emote
  • Added: Stamp and Scrape Cass emote
  • The above content is connected to the Punk Pack which can only be gained by pre-ordering Bleeding Edge or playing with Xbox Game Pass within the first week of launch: March 24th to March 31st.
  • Added: 2 tints for every fighter in-game, these can be found under Skins in the Workshop.
  • Added: Motherboard hoverboard
  • Added: Candy hoverboard


  • Improved: In-game music will now trigger at more appropriate moments during a match.
  • Added: More in-game music
  • Fixed: Fighter VO lines will now be interrupted when the action that triggers the VO line is interrupted.


  • Added: The launch trailer will play when you load up Bleeding Edge for the first time (this cinematic is skippable)
  • Improved: After selecting 'Fight' and starting matchmaking, players can continue to wait for a match while browsing all in-game menus
  • Improved: Match end screen improved aesthetically
  • Added: 21:9 support added for PC


  • Fixed: player names not showing up correctly in hero select on Xbox


  • New Fighter Mekko
  • More Skins for all Fighters
If you have played the beta, you might be in for a nice surprise when you fire up the game. Achievement progress has carried over from the beta weekends, so you might unlock a couple of achievements as soon as you start the game.

Bleeding Edge is available to play now and is also included in Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass for PC.
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Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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