Ghost Recon Breakpoint is free to play this weekend

By Heidi Nicholas,
Episode 2 of Ghost Recon Breakpoint started today, with a new adventure featuring Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher. Alongside the announcement of this Splinter Cell/Ghost Recon crossover for Episode 2, Ubisoft has also announced that the game will be free to play this weekend, from March 26th to March 29th.

free to play weekend

Progress from the free weekend will carry over if players then decide to buy the full game. The free play days coincide with the release of Deep State, the game's new adventure with Sam Fisher. It's made up of eight missions, the first of which is free to all players, so if you jump into the game over the free weekend, you should be able to get started and earn the first mission's rewards, including the SC-IS HDG handgun and the 4th Echelon Goggles.

Episode 2 also includes two new classes: the Echelon Class for a stealth approach and the Engineer Class for tech-related combat. There's also four new PvP maps — Stoney Creek, Freight Yard, Forgotten Valley and Construction Site — new rewards, and a new voting feature to let players vote from a selection of three maps and modes as to which they want to play. The free weekend will also let players try out the new Ghost Experience, also released today, which has no gear score, "realistic loot", a customizable HUD and other features to make the game more immersive.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint will be free to play from March 26th to March 29th.

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Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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