Gears 5 Operation 3: Gridiron will add new achievements, a gameplay mode and more

By Sean Carey,
A new Operation is coming to Gears 5 on March 31st. Operation 3: Gridiron adds a new gameplay mode, characters, maps and makes improvements to Tour of Duty. A list of new achievements will also be introduced with the title update.

The Coalition says that new achievements will be coming to Gears 5 with the launch of the Operation. It hasn't hinted at what these achievements might be, but a list reveal will be coming on March 30th along with the title update patch notes. Retroactive tracking for any relevant achievements will be introduced alongside the new list.

Gridiron is a single life objective mode that involves two teams of five duking it out over a flag in the centre of the map. Players will have to grab the flag and carry it to the opposing team's endzone to score a touchdown. The flag position will change at the start of each round. Each player has just one life, so eliminating the entire enemy team can win a round. There are several ways to win a round and score points for the team. Two points are awarded for a touchdown, two points are given for wiping out an enemy team, and one point is awarded for holding the flag when the timer ends. Rounds are only two minutes long, and the first team to 13 points wins the match.

Gears 5 Operation Gridiron achievements

Several new characters are being added for both Heroes and Villians. For the Heroes, we have August Cole who can charge and run down enemies in a blaze of fire, while leaving a blazing trail behind him. We also have Clayton Carmine who can use the Reflective Shell ability to deflect all ballistic damage back at an enemy. Queen Myrrah is being added to the Villians along with the Theron Guard. In Arcade, when Myrrah kills an enemy, they explode into a ball of fire. Similarly, when the Theron Guard lands a headshot that enemy explodes and provides incendiary damage to any other player nearby.

A brand new map is coming to Gears 5. Pahanu is set in the ruins of an old civilisation which is enveloped by jungle. Players spawn on top of two hills, while open swamps make up the centre of the map. Out in the open is a key weapon pick up that players will need to fight over. Also making a comeback is the revamped Gears 1 map, Canals.

The Coalition will also be making improvements to the Tour of Duty system. Two objective slots will be dedicated to standard objectives such as killing a certain number of enemies which can be completed in PVE or PVP. There will also be slots for PVP and PVE. Finishing matches in both PVE and PVP will also go towards earning additional Stars. Hopefully, these changes will make unlocking Tour of Duty achievements slightly easier.

Operation 3: Gridiron launches on March 31st. As soon as we get information on those new achievements we'll be sure to update you.

Thanks to Hallinskioi for this news tip.
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