E3 2011: Crimson Alliance Trailer & Screenshots

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
Despite the impression left by the concept art from last week's Crimson Alliance announcement, the world of Crimson isn't just red and black. The trailer and screenshots that have been revealed at E3 paint quite a colourful world of Crimson, as the Mercenary, Assassin and Wizard battle against the sinister Cult of the Soul Siren.

8/6/11 Wizard Intro

8/6/11 Requiem Puzzle

8/6/11 Mercenary and Wizard Fight Bandits

8/6/11 Mercenary and Wizard

8/6/11 Heirophant Surrounded

8/6/11 Heirophant Bridged

8/6/11 Dojo

8/6/11 Assassin

Crimson Alliance is due to be released on XBLA this summer.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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