Remedy Entertainment signs multi-platform publishing deals for two titles with Epic Games

By Sean Carey,
UPDATE: Remedy Entertainment, GenDesign and Playdead have all signed multi-platform publishing deals with Epic Games. Epic has said that developers have full creative freedom and will retain 100% of their intellectual properties. Epic will also fully-fund development costs of titles in the agreement while splitting the profits 50/50 with the developers once costs are recouped.

GenDesign developed the PS4 exclusive, The Last Guardian, while Playdead is known for both Inside and Limbo. Announcements on games from all developers will be announced in the coming months.

ORIGINAL STORY: Remedy Entertainment, who brought us such gems as Control and Alan Wake, has signed multi-platform publishing deals for two unannounced games.

Remedy Entertainment

The press release doesn't mention who the publisher is, but it does give us a little information on what to expect from Remedy. One of the projects is a AAA game which is already in pre-production. The second is a smaller game which is set in the same franchise. Both games are being developed on Remedy's Northlight game engine which was used for Control and Quantum Break. The publisher will fund development costs for these two games with Remedy set to receive a 50% share of net revenue. Remedy will also own the games' intellectual property. Both games will be launching on the Xbox Series X, PS5 and PC in the next few years.

In Remedy's most recent financial report, the developer said that work on a live service/multiplayer project titled Vanguard was still ongoing. Remedy is also working on a campaign for CrossFire X. The two unannounced titles are separate from these projects.

A full press release announcing the partnership between Remedy and the undisclosed publisher is expected later today.
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