The Wastelanders update for Fallout 76 has been delayed

By Heidi Nicholas,
After moving to remote working for the health and safety of their employees, Bethesda has announced that the Wastelanders update for Fallout 76 has had to be be pushed back by a week, from April 7th to April 14th.


Bethesda announced the news in a tweet. "Like others around the world, we're dealing with the critical situation that's currently affecting so many of us and our communities. For the safety of everyone, we have transitioned to remote work, and are limiting our in-person interactions." They continue that services for online and live games are still operating as normal, but that remote working has "affected their ability to do the final testing they need for Wastelanders", and that as a result, the release date for the update needs to be delayed.

"We've done everything we can to minimise the delay and can't wait for everyone to play", the announcement continues. "A special thanks to all our Private Test Server players for all your help."

Arguably the most important part of the Wastelanders update is the addition of NPCs. There'll be two factions, the Raiders and the Settlers, with a Reputation system detailing how you'll interact with them. There'll be dialogue choices, new vendors, and new wares, along with a new questline to do with both the NPCs and something mysterious hidden in the mountains.

"We know this is a stressful time", Bethesda's announcement finishes, "and we can't thank you enough for all the support you've given each other and us. We're humbled to have such an incredible community that has stuck with us through ups and downs. It means the world to us, especially in times like this."

The Wastelanders update will now release on April 14th.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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