Two more titles join Xbox Game Pass for PC today

By Heidi Nicholas,
Two more titles have just been announced as arriving for Xbox Game Pass for PC: Astrologaster and Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid.

Xbox Game Pass for PC

Fighting title Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid includes 3 vs 3 battles, as well as online battles, and, as we noted when these new Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass for PC titles were first announced; the game has an unusually high total TA score: 7,882 TA score overall, with individual achievements, such as Morphenomenal, having a TA score of over 1,000. (If you were looking for a refresher on how we calculate TA scores or TA ratios, check this site help article, where we've explained it in full.)

Power Rangers: Battle for the GridMorphenomenalThe Morphenomenal achievement in Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid worth 2635 pointsReach player level 700

Astrologaster is a comedy, story-driven adventure game, about the exploits of ‘Doctor’ Simon Forman, a professed medical professional and astrologer — who doesn't actually have a licence for either practice. It's set in 16th century London, and players will be attempting to predict the future of their clients, heal them, and establish relationships, with the overall goal of getting Forman a proper medical licence before the real doctors take him down. The Astrologaster achievements have also just been revealed, if you'd like a glimpse of what you're in for with it.


Both Astrologaster and Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid are available to download today.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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