Overcooked 2 Gourmet Edition revealed

By Heidi Nicholas,
The Gourmet Edition for Overcooked! 2 has now been revealed, including the base game, four DLCs, and the Too Many Cooks Pack.


Aside from the base game itself, the Gourmet Edition includes:

  • Surf 'n' Turf: this beach-themed DLC includes 12 new campaign levels as well as new Versus and Kevin levels, the Kebab Skewers and Smoothie recipies, a new water pistol, and the Parrot and Island chefs
  • Campfire Cook Off: this DLC has a new map, 12 new kitchens and three Kevin kitchens, the S'mores, cooked breakfast, blueberry pancakes and olive pizza recipies, a new backpack mechanic to carry ingredients, a new mechanic where players will need to chop wood and keep campfires burning to cook food, and four new chefs — the owl chef, beaver chef, explorer chef, and bear chef.
  • Night of the Hangry Horde: this is probably one of the game's largest pieces of DLC; it comes with a new horde mode and eight horde mode kitchens, where you'll have to use your cooking skills to fend of waves of undead ingredients, earning coins for the ones you feed. Coins will then be spent on repairing the castle and purchasing shortcuts. There's new soup, fruit pies, and roast dinner recipies, and a new guillotine tool, as well as the ghost, vampire, werewolf, and returning Boxhead chefs to cook them. Lastly, there's nine new kitchens — in addition to the eight kitchens for horde mode — and three Kevin kitchens.
  • Carnival of Chaos: this DLC has 15 new levels, new recipies including donuts and hotdogs, new machines for condiments and drinks, combo meals, cannons, and four new chefs — the ringmaster, strongman, clown and stunt chefs.
  • Too Many Cooks Pack: Lastly, this pack adds five extra chefs: the Monkey, Calico Cat, Walrus, Purple Alien, and Unicorn chefs.
Team17 hasn't announced a price yet, but this Gourmet Edition of Overcooked 2 will release on April 7th.

Overcooked! 2 - Gourmet Edition
Overcooked! 2 - Gourmet Edition

The Overcooked! 2 Gourmet Edition gives players every course of chaotic cooking fun with the Overcooked! 2 base game and all DLCs. Cook alone or with friends as you travel through the onion kingdom and master over 20 recipes across 130 sizzling levels.

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