The newest Resident Evil trailer shows Jill will be a playable survivor in RE Resistance

By Heidi Nicholas,
The newest trailer for the Resident Evil 3 remake showcases Jill Valentine and a little of her story in the upcoming game. It also shows that she'll be added to RESIDENT EVIL RESISTANCE as a playable survivor.

Resident Evil 3 releases on April 3rd. Capcom recently confirmed this, saying that although physical copies might be affected in Europe by COVID-19, the global release date was still going ahead as planned. Resident Evil Resistance is included with Resident Evil 3; it's a new 1 vs 4 online multiplayer title, where a group of survivors have to escape traps and enemies set by the Mastermind.

Capcom previously went into detail — back when Resident Evil Resistance was still codenamed Project Resistance — on four of the survivors which players can choose from, as well as two of the possible masterminds. Now, this Jill Valentine trailer confirms that she'll be added as a playable survivor herself: "Jill won’t just be the star of Resident Evil 3, though – she’ll also be added as a playable Survivor in Resident Evil Resistance in a future update", Capcom says.

Resident Evil 3, including Resident Evil Resistance, will release in a week, on April 3rd.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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