Stranded Deep delayed due to Coronavirus pandemic

By Sean Carey,
The upcoming console release of Stranded Deep has been delayed due to the Coronavirus. Developer, Beam Team Games previously estimated a window of launch between late-March and mid-April. Now, Beam Team believes Stranded Deep will release towards the end of that window.

The news was posted via the Stranded Deep Twitter account. According to the statement, Beam Team has been struggling with third-party contacts and staff due to the Coronavirus pandemic and that development has slowed. Beam Team, says that the release date for Stranded Deep is now going to be pushed back towards the end of its original estimate and will likely launch mid-April.

The console version of Stranded Deep has suffered numerous delays in the past. Initially, the survival game was set to be published by Telltale Games in 2018. However, due to Telltale's closure, the game was delayed until further notice. Beam Team then hoped to release the console version in October of 2019 but pushed it back a few months to early 2020 due to QA issues. However, the game still didn't arrive on consoles and was delayed further until late March/April.

The console version of Stranded Deep will launch mid-April.

Thanks to BulletLukey for the news tip.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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