32 new achievements for Gears 5 as The Coalition apologises to Xbox achievement hunters

By Sean Carey,
UPDATE: The Operation 3: Gridiron achievement list has now scanned in on-site. Taking a peek at the list, it doesn't look like The Coalition has managed to adjust the requirements for the Come From Behind achievement before pushing the update live. Bear in mind that these requirements could change for this one at a later date.

ORIGINAL STORY: Operation 3: Gridiron kicks off today in Gears 5 and with it comes a new game mode, maps, characters and some new achievements. The Coalition has added a total of 32 new achievements worth 290 Gamerscore with title update 5.

Gears 5 Operation Gridiron achievements

New achievements are coming to both PVE and Horde mode with several miscellaneous "Re-Up" achievements thrown in too. However, The Coalition isn't happy with the new list and is looking to make a change.

Firstly, the team doesn't like the total 290 gamerscore value on offer. In the latest Gears 5 blog post, The Coalition said, "We know that some of these achievements, and the final Gamerscore value of 290, are not necessarily in the right place. Due to some transitioning within the team and adapting to our new work processes, the updated achievement plan did not make the cut in time for launch. If you are an achievement hunter, we apologize for some of the missteps here, and we plan to do so something about it."

The Coalition will be speaking to Xbox and is applying for an achievement change exception for the "Come From Behind" achievement. The achievement requires you to be 10 kills behind the leader of a Free For All Round, then come back to win. The Coalition is planning to reduce the comeback number pending Xbox's approval.

Gears 5Come From BehindThe Come From Behind achievement in Gears 5 worth 79 pointsBe 10 kills behind the leader of a Free For All round, then come back to win

There are four achievements that will have you chasing Re-Ups, including one that requires you to get 30. The Coalition says that it's planning to improve the Re-Up levelling curve from Re-Up 20 onwards to make the achievement easier to obtain and more enjoyable.

As a final note, The Coalition says, "We'll be addressing the odd total Gamerscore in our next achievement drop and making sure we get our achievements right."

Name Description Gamerscore
Sampler Complete a Match of Free For All, Arcade Blitz and Gridiron 5
Shutout Win a match of Gridiron and keep your opponents scoreless 10
Paydirt Score a Touchdown with the Flag in Gridiron 5
Planned and Executed Execute both members of the enemy team within a round of 2v2 Gnashers 5
Dynamic Duo Win 10 Ranked Matches of 2v2 Gnashers 10
Close Call Win a Match of Arcade Blitz where the opposition team is within 25 points of winning 10
Ring Leader Win a Match of Arcade Blitz with the most Points earned in a Ring 10
Optimal Armaments Complete a Match of Arcade Blitz as a Hero or Villain from Operation 2 or Operation 3 5
Resourceful Defeat an opponent with every Pickup Weapon in a single Free For All Match 10
Line Them Up Defeat 10 different opponents in a Free For All Match 10
Victory Seized Place first in a Match of Free For All 10
Come From Behind Be 10 kills behind the leader of a Free For All round, then come back to win 10
Lay of the Land Complete a Versus Match on Allfathers Arena, Lift, Mid, Boxes, Nethercutt, Pit & Core 5
All of Allfathers Win a Versus round on every customized map piece in Allfathers Arena (9) 10
A Very Particular Set of Skills Acquire 30 Skill Cards of Level 3 or above 10
Proficiency Master an Operation 2 Escape Hive and Horde Map 10
Highly Capable Master an Operation 3 Escape Hive and Horde Map 10
HordeBusters Complete 50 Waves of Horde with Mac, Keegan and Lahni in your squad 10
These New Recruits Got Grit – Complete 50 Consecutive Waves of Horde with Lizzie Carmine, Clayton Carmine, Baird or Cole 15
Hi-Ho, Silverback Kill 200 enemies using the Silverback in Horde 5
Expanded Expertise Reach Character Level 15 with COG Soldier, Lizzie Carmine, Clayton Carmine, Baird or Cole 10
Fresh Lineup Escape a Hive with a team of COG Soldier, Lizzie Carmine, Clayton Carmine, Baird or Cole 5
New Hivebusters Escape a Hive with Lizzie Carmine, Clayton Carmine, Baird or Cole 5
Destroy From Within Escape all Operation 2 Hives on Experienced Difficulty or Higher 15
Stop 'Em Cold Defeat the Matriarch in Escape using the Relic Dropshot 5
Hives: Busted Escape all Operation 3 Hives on Experienced Difficulty or Higher 15
Buying Time Use the Scrubber Room to slow down the Venom in Escape 5
In the Name of.. Acquire any 3 Hero & Villain Totems 5
The Path To Victory Re-up 5 Times 5
Go, Hunt In Packs Re-up 10 Times 10
Destroy Them, My Children Re-up 20 Times 15
Be Aggressive, Devious Re-up 30 Times 20
In the blog post, there is a huge list of patch notes that makes numerous gameplay changes, so it's probably worth checking that out. Gears 5 Operation 3: Gridiron is due to kick off today at 4 AM PT/7 AM ET / 12 PM BST. Some content may not arrive until later in the day.
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