Broken Xbox "Fiddy" achievement in Bleeding Edge still doesn't track for some after patch

By Sean Carey,
Ninja Theory rolled out a patch last night for Bleeding Edge. The patch fixed a few stability and crash issues the game was having and claimed to have fixed tracking for the bugged Fiddy achievement. For some, it looks like their achievement progress is still stuck.

The Fiddy achievement requires you to get 50 kills in Bleeding Edge. It's an achievement that shouldn't take too long to meet the requirements for. Many players were reporting that the progress tracker for the achievement was not updating and subsequently, the achievement wouldn't unlock. The patch was supposed to fix this issue, but for many (myself included) the tracker is still stuck at a certain percentage even after playing the game and making more kills and killing blows. Some players have also made another 50 kills on top of their already high totals and are still not unlocking the achievement.

Bleeding EdgeFiddyThe Fiddy achievement in Bleeding Edge worth 239 pointsGet 50 Kills

Players across various social media sites and the Bleeding Edge support forums are all commenting that they are coming up against the same issue.

Several achievement solutions point out that quitting the game at the end of a match before the timer runs out, voids your progress and doesn't count. These solutions suggest making all 50 kills in one sitting without quitting the game and letting the post-match timer run down after a completed match. This has worked for some, but for others, the achievement still won't unlock. Your mileage may vary with this method. Others have pointed out that it's actually "killing blows" that count towards unlocking the achievement. Although we have still haven't seen any change on our end after making several more killing blows since the patch, it might be worth chasing killing blows instead.

It should be pointed out that the achievement is unlocking for a fair few people. Looking at our recent unlocks data, quite a few of you have managed to obtain the achievement since the patch. This issue is probably only impacting a minority.

We will update you as soon as Ninja Theory provides an update on the Fiddy achievement. Let us know in the comments below if you're still having issues or if you managed to unlock the achievement.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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