You can help us get Xbox achievements working on Windows Phone again — here's how

By Sean Carey,
Back in February, we reported that Windows Phone Xbox achievement syncing was broken for many of you here on TA. After the Windows Phone 8.1 app store officially closed last year, it's been a bit of a struggle to get achievements popping for Windows Phone games on WP7 and WP8. Now, TA regular, Shadow Kisuragi needs your help in bringing the issue to Microsoft.

Credit: Windows CentralCredit: Windows Central

According to Shadow, a Microsoft employee has reached out asking about the Windows Phone sync problem. If you've had an issue with achievements not unlocking on your Windows Phone, head over to the forum here, and comment with the following information:
  • Gamertag
  • Titles of Games where the issue is experienced.
  • Device (WP7. WP8, WP8.1, WP10, as well as type: i.e. Lumia 640)
  • Device ID (IMEI, optional)
  • OS Version
  • Time of the last repro (in this case, when the achievement didn't unlock)
It should be noted that upgrading a Windows Phone 8 device to Windows 10 Mobile should fix the achievement syncing issue, but many devices do not support the upgrade and it can be a bit of hassle in the first place.

It's not guaranteed but, if we get enough people's information, we can hopefully get the ball moving with Microsoft and the Windows Phone achievement sync problem fixed. Don't forget to head over to this forum post and comment.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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