Daily epic encounters return tomorrow to Assassin's Creed Odyssey

By Heidi Nicholas,
Starting tomorrow, April 7th, daily epic encounters will be returning to Assassin's Creed Odyssey. These daily encounters will run until May 11th, and give players a chance to earn extra XP, drachmae and Orichalcum each week.


The devs have shared the timetable in their latest forum. Given that players normally earn 40 Orichalcum a week, these daily encounters, which offer 15 Orichalcum per Epic Mercenary or Ship, will offer the chance to earn 105 Orichalcum a week instead. These daily encounters start tomorrow.

The first week will have Iaeira the Overcomer on April 7th, Narkissos the Babbler on April 8th, Nanno the Abacus on April 9th, Nester the Great on April 10th, Thaleia the Talon-Hand on April 11th, Auxesia the Spawn of Chaos on April 12th, and Damais the Not-So-Indifferent on April 13th.

The second week will feature Delos on April 14th, Palaityros on April 15th, Old Neurus on April 16th, Piraeus on April 17th, Keta's Wrath on April 18th, Lakedaimonia on April 19th, and Salaminia on April 20th.

In week three, it'll be Ariathate the Winner on April 21st, Astarte the Swamp on April 22nd, Aretos the Aid on April 23rd, Harpina the Heavy-Hitter on April 24th, Testiklos the Nut on April 25th, Hygieia the Sword on April 26th, and Laches the Eternal on April 27th.

Week four will be Black Wind on April 28th, The Tyrant on April 29th, Shadowed Nymph on April 30th, Hekate's Grace on May 1st, Glory of the Law on May 2nd, Fly Ikaros on May 3rd, and Lakonia on May 4th.

Finally, in week five, there'll be Abia the Shaded on May 5th, Occylos the Successor on May 6th, Polycaste the Jilted on May 7th, Edonos the Charging Bull on May 8th, Shapur the Unforgiving on May 9th, Perdix the Wayfarer on May 10th, and Okaleia the Lotus Eater on May 11th.

Ubisoft has said that even if you already defeated all of these when they were featured last year, you'll still get the XP, drachmae and Orichalcum.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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