Red Dead Online has four new Showdown maps this week, plus a gift of five free Gold Bars

By Heidi Nicholas,
Rockstar has a few updates for Red Dead Online this week, including four new Showdown Maps, gifts for completing a Daily Challenge Streak, a gift of five Gold Bars for playing, and double XP for Showdown Modes and Races, along with the usual range of discounts and bonuses.

Red Dead Online

First up, Rockstar is offering five Gold Bars to everyone who plays Red Dead Online before April 14th. On top pf that, they're offering rewards of 10 Special Health Cures, 10 Special Miracle Tonics, 10 Special Snake Oils, and 20 Incendiary Buckshot Slugs for players who manage to complete three Daily Challenges in a row. These gifts will be sent to the camp lockbox.

There's also double XP going for both Races and Showdown Modes, until April 13th. On top of this, Rockstar is also adding four new Showdown maps to the Featured Series; each map will see players start out with only a handful of Throwing Knives, but there'll be Shotguns to find around the map. As per Rockstar's announcement, these maps are made up of Overrun in Pike's Basin, where players have to capture the most territory, Plunder in Stillwater Creek, where you need to find the most loot and take it back to your base, Spoils of War in Roanoke Valley, where you try to steal from your enemy's stockpile while defending your own, and Up in Smoke in Kamassa River, where you have to deliver as many packages as possible to the enemy camp.

Lastly, this week's discounts include 40% off Rifles, Pistols, and Pamphlets, 50% off Ponchos, Shirts, and all items in the Wilderness Outfitters store apart from the Butcher’s Table, and 70% off the price of Off-Hand Holsters, Gun Belts, Draft Horses, War Horses, Pants, and Gloves.

There'll be more maps added to two of the Showdown Modes in the next few weeks — we'll keep you updated.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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