A new Pin has been added to Gears POP! to coincide with the start of Season 8

By Sean Carey,
Mediatonic continues to shake up the Gears POP! meta. This the developer has added a new Pin into the mix for Season 8. Scion sports two Hammerburst Rifles and can deal large amounts of damage to enemy Pins.

Scion Pin Gears POP

Scion is a Common Pin that costs 8 Power. He has a high health pool and can deal massive amounts of damage. According to the Gears POP! website, a good strategy for the Scion Pin is to drop him into "Squads that have more time to wait for more expensive Pins." Scion is also great for backing up other Pins and keeping fragile squad members alive by soaking up damage. Players will be able to find Scion in Arena 3 Gear packs and above.

Recently, Mediatonic once again made several balance changes to Gears POP! to coincide with the start of the new season. Damage done by Projectiles against objectives took a bit of a nerfing, while Old Man Marcus saw a hefty buff and Kantus had his ability changed to a passive ability. Several Pins have also had their horizontal attack range reduced, which has really changed the way the game is played.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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