The Dark Pictures Anthology continues with Little Hope, out this Summer

By Heidi Nicholas,
Players who finished last year's The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man Of Medan were met with a teaser trailer after the credits, which showed a glimpse of something called "Little Hope". Bandai Namco has now officially revealed Little Hope with a full trailer, which also confirms that the game will release this summer.

"What happens in the past, never stays buried. Your tour of Little Hope begins this summer." The Dark Pictures Anthology is made up of a series of standalone games, with new characters for each new instalment. The teaser in Man of Medan introduced two of these: Andrew and Angela. Now, the full trailer gives a little of the backstory; the narrator says that the town of Little Hope had a "dark history", and that there was an intense fear of witchcraft in the 1600s there, which led to conflict between witch hunters and their victims. Now, it seems that Andrew and Angela, who — apparently along with several others — have been stranded in this abandoned town, and have to find out the truth of what really happens in Little Hope.

The Dark Pictures Twitter account has posted a few snapshots of these characters; Angela is 52, "practical, aloof, forthright, determined", while Andrew is 18, "youthful, neat, inexperienced, naive" and who, apparently, "without your help, is going to die." So, no pressure.

Little Hope will release sometime this summer — we'll update you when there's a confirmed release day.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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