The Long Dark, Deliver Us The Moon, Gato Roboto and more announced for Xbox Game Pass

By Sean Carey,
Five games are coming to Xbox Game Pass for console in April. The Long Dark, HyperDot, Levelhead, Deliver Us The Moon, and Gato Roboto are all coming to the service shortly.

The Long Dark – April 16th

Screenshot Saturday 29/4/17

The Long Dark is an open-world survival game that pits you against the Canadian wilderness. Your main enemies are the wildlife and the elements. The game has managed to carve out a dedicated following for itself and is one you should definitely check out — it even made it to third in my top 10 games of the decade. If you're looking for a full completion, The Long Dark will require some serious dedication with an estimated completion time of 150-200 hours.

Gato Roboto — April 21st

gato robot xbox game pass

Gato Roboto is new to Xbox after previously being released on the Nintendo Switch and Steam where it has seen praise from both critics and players. You play as a cat that sits inside of a mech suit and sets off to save the captain of a crashed spaceship.

Deliver Us The Moon — April 23rd

Deliver Us The Moon Achievements

Deliver Us The Moon is again new to Xbox. In this Sci-Fi thriller, players are tasked with finding out why a small colony on the moon has suddenly gone dark and has ceased communication with Earth. We recently picked up the game's achievement list.

HyperDot — April 30th

HyperDot Achievements

HyperDot is described as a "minimalist action arcade masterpiece" that requires players to dodge everything. The game features over 100 levels in campaign mode and has its own custom level editor. According to completion estimates on TA, this one should take you around 6-8 hours to unlock all the achievements.

Levelhead — April 30th

Levelhead Achievements

Levelhead is also a new title to Xbox. The platformer allows players to create and craft their own levels. The game has been in Early Access over on Steam and is seeing very positive reviews. You can check out Levelhead's achievement list here.

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