Xbox Game Pass Quests: Here are the TA community's top tips for completing them

By Sean Carey,
A new batch of Xbox Game Pass Quests has gone live, and we've rounded up the best solutions from across the forums to help you complete them with ease. This week's quests combined with the monthlies already on offer makes for a total of six game-specific quests.

Xbox Game Pass Quests Guide

Let's first take a look at the weeklies. The Monster Hunter: World Quest is an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber-only quest and will net you 50 Rewards Points for completing 2 SOS Quests. This one is quite involved, and if you've never played the game before you will unlock an achievement due to needing to complete the game's tutorial. xWSx Logan has provided a fantastic guide and video walkthrough on how to complete the quest. xWSx Logan says that players need to respond to two SOS Quests and not host an SOS Quest yourself to get the Rewards points.

The Subnautica Quest is incredibly simple. This one requires you to "descend into the depths" for a total of 25 Rewards Points. All you have to do is load into a game, and it should unlock. You can also complete the quest using Project xCloud to save you from downloading the game if you don't already have it installed. You will not pop any achievements in the process of completing this one either.

Now we're on to the monthlies. For the F1 2018 Quest, you'll need to complete 20 laps for 75 Rewards Points. There are several ways you could accidentally pop an achievement, so be careful unless you want this one showing up on your card. Groudon199 suggests doing a 50% distance Grand Prix on the short Japan track. You should complete the quest before finishing the race. Be careful not to enter Photo Mode while viewing a replay too as that could pop an achievement. Players are also reporting that this does not work on PC, so bear that in mind.

Gears 5 Operation Gridiron achievements

The Gears 5: Operation 3 Quest requires you to unlock three achievements In Gears 5 for 75 Rewards Points. Naturally, if you're not looking to add Gears 5 to your Gamertag, this one isn't for you! Achievements can be earned quickly by hosting an online game with you and bots, or with a friend to make it easier. Following the guides on-site for Buying Time, Dynamic Duo and Planned and Executed should see you unlocking this quest in no time. Don't forget there is still a Gears punchcard on the Rewards app that will net you a total of 500 points just for unlocking one of the new achievements added with Operation 3, so make sure you claim it.

For the Alien: Isolation Quest, you need to spend 20 minutes avoiding Alien detection for 75 Rewards Points. A solution from derektwopointoh suggests loading up Survivor Mode and picking all the default options. You should spawn in a room that's full of items. Open the door and hide back in the room, and you should unlock the quest after 20 minutes. You shouldn't pop any achievements using this method. xWSx Logan has made another video guide on derektwopointoh's solution if that's more your thing. Some users are reporting that this does not work on PC.

theHunter: Call of the Wild

The theHunter: Call of the Wild Quest requires you to gain 5000 in Total Harvest Score for 75 Rewards Points. xWSx Logan has provided another great guide and video walkthrough on how to complete this one and also warns that you will likely unlock multiple achievements in the process of finishing the quest.

As always, thank you to everyone that submits their solutions in the forums. If you have any more tips and tricks on how to complete these Xbox Game Pass Quests, let us know in the comments below.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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