This week on XBLA; May 4th

By Elite Hero, 9 years ago
This week's 'Deal of the Week' is The Xbox Original "Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex" at a 33% discount, which brings it down to 800 MSP from 1200 MSP. As well as this, we see three full Arcade games breech the Marketplace this Wednesday 6th May, those titles being: Arkanoid Live, Space Invaders Extreme and Zombie Wranglers. Best of all, they are only 800 MSP each.

Arkanoid Live @ 800 MSP

"The classic ARKANOID comes back to life … in HD! Destroy every block on screen in ARKANOID™ Live! by bouncing an Energy Ball against them with your Vaus! It's the all-time classic arcade game now with achievements and multiplayer co-op play over Xbox LIVE®."

Space Invaders Extreme @ 800 MSP

"Space Invaders Extreme™ is a total reinvention of the classic Space Invaders, offering a true high-definition experience with upbeat electronic tracks, and dazzling new graphics and gameplay. Multiplayer features are now expanded with four-player versus and co-op multiplayer modes for even more Xbox LIVE® fun."

Zombie Wranglers @ 800 MSP

"Be very, very quiet ... we're wrangling Zombies! Save the city of Potters Field from an infestation of zany zombies in the quirky and comical Zombie Wranglers. Armed with a trustworthy Wrangler-Pack and your own unique special abilities, play as one of the four gallant apprentice Wranglers and rescue your neighborhood before it's too late."