Crysis Remastered confirmed for Xbox One

By Heidi Nicholas,
Update: Crysis Remastered has now been officially confirmed: on the game's site and with a brief teaser trailer too. The "ground-breaking, critically acclaimed first person shooter" is "coming soon":

Original story: The Crysis Twitter account began hinting at possible news for the Crysis series just a few days ago, and now the internet is being flooded with artwork and details for Crysis Remastered, which seem to have been found within the game's site.

Crysis Remastered

The image seems to confirm the remaster of 2007's first person shooter for Xbox One, PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. Nibel pointed this out on Twitter, and user Metalfy replied with a brief clip, pointing out how going to the site's cookie policy page would then reveal this image along with details for the game (thanks, PCGamesN). The page has been taken down, but included a brief quote: "Crytek’s ground-breaking, critically acclaimed first person shooter is back! Crysis Remastered is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch – the game's debut on a Nintendo platform."

There's been no official announcement yet, but following the hints from the game's official Twitter site, and from the look of this new artwork, it seems we can expect one any time soon.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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