Bleeding Edge gets a new fighter next week, with more content in development

By Sean Carey,
It's been nearly a month since Bleeding Edge launched and it looks like some new content is coming to the team-based brawler. An update that's expected to roll out next week adds a new fighter and makes several performance improvements.


The new fighter is a dolphin that pilots a crab-like mech suit. Mekko is a ranged tank that sports a shield which can absorb damage and be used to power-up and change its abilities. The character is considered one of the tougher fighters to get to grips with, so it could take some time to learn how best to use Mekko.

Ninja Theory says that the Bleeding Edge team has been fixing several of the critical issues that arose when the game launched and has since had to push back its content release plans. Most of these problems have been addressed in previous patches, but the new update scheduled for next week should fix a lot of performance issues and stop things like "teleporting" and "rubber banding" of fighters.

Finally, Ninja Theory has said that new skins are on the way in the next patch after the Mekko update and that the team is experimenting with new game modes, another fighter, custom and ranked modes and a new map. In our Bleeding Edge review, one of the most significant issues we had with the game was the lack of modes. Hopefully, these future updates can keep the game feeling fresh.

Ninja Theory hasn't given an exact date for when Mekko will be added to the roster. All we know is that the update is set to go live at some point next week.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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