The devs discuss the design process of Gato Roboto, now available on Xbox Game Pass

By Heidi Nicholas,
The Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass for PC services are currently undergoing an influx of new games, with today's addition being Gato Roboto, for which we recently got the Gato Roboto achievement list. Developers doinksoft have today detailed a little more about the design process for their "fun and sometimes strange little game".

Gato Roboto Achievements

In an Xbox Wire post, Doinksoft's Cullen Dwyer says that "Gato Roboto was always meant to be a smaller game" and that as a result, they wanted to utilise every moment as much as possible. The result was a "streamlined metroidvania" about a cat piloting a mech, while on a mission to save its captain and the spaceship they crashed in. Dwyer says they "wanted to place as much emphasis as possible on the difference between playing as a cat and playing as a cat who is operating heavy machinery." Kiki the cat can, for example, fit through small spaces, but is vulnerable to enemies, with no attack of her own. The mech isn't as nimble or agile, but can protect Kiki on her bizarre mission, by use of such weapons as a gun and rockets. One "design principle was to borrow classic and recognizable power-ups from the genre and throw a unique spin on them": Dwyer says that rockets, for example, function on a heat-meter, and have to be used sparingly to avoid overheating.

Doinksoft explains that one "defining characteristic of Gato Roboto is that it’s a game that tries not to overstay its welcome", adding that they "wanted the pace to be fast, encounters to be surprising and funny, and new areas and abilities to be discovered constantly. If we ever got bored with a stage gimmick, we decided it was time to introduce another one." Gato Roboto is out on Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass for PC now, and we've got the Gato Roboto achievement list if you want to check what you're up against.

There's just over a week left of April, but there's still a fair few new titles arriving for Xbox Game Pass, as well as new titles for Xbox Game Pass for PC. The next title to arrive is Deliver us the Moon, which joins the Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass for PC services as a day one release on April 24th. You can check the full list of new Xbox Game Pass titles here, and those arriving for Xbox Game Pass for PC here.
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