Gamers in the U.S. can now donate Microsoft Rewards points to COVID-19 relief efforts

By Heidi Nicholas,
Players in the U.S. can, from today, put their Microsoft Rewards points towards helping two global foundations with their COVID-19 relief efforts, with Microsoft matching each donation one-to-one.

Donate Microsoft Rewards points

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced that players in the U.S. could donate to the CDC foundation using their Microsoft Rewards points. Now, Microsoft is adding two global foundations to which players can donate. "Everyone is looking for ways to give back, to support charities and organizations that are making a difference in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic", the announcement reads, adding that "within the first few weeks of announcing Xbox One owners can use Microsoft Rewards points to donate to the CDC Foundation, our gamer community has come together with over a hundred thousand individual donations".

The announcement continues to say they "are incredibly inspired by the way the community is rallying to provide support in this time of need", and that players can now also use their Microsoft Rewards points towards helping The United Nations Foundation and Global Giving with their COVID-19 relief efforts. Microsoft Rewards points can be earned through several methods, such as playing games, completing Xbox Game Pass quests, and making searches on Bing. There's also the option to earn Rewards points through Microsoft's "Support A Hero While At Home" punch card. Then, Microsoft Rewards members can donate these points with the donation button on the Xbox One dash, or the donation button within the Microsoft Rewards app on the Xbox. 1,000 Rewards points equate to a $1 donation, and Microsoft will match these one-to-one. It's free to become a Microsoft Rewards member, and you can do so here, or through the app on your Xbox One.

The Xbox team also used this announcement to remind players that Minecraft developer Mojang has partnered with the United Nations Development Programme and their partner, Heart17, to promote advisory health messages which follow the recommendations of the World Health Organisation. These messages come under the hashtag #TomorrowTogether, will be visible in-game and across Mojang's social media channels throughout the week, and involve the occasional reminder from a Creeper to wash your hands. The Mojang staff say they're "honored to be part of this initiative, and hope it will help inch the world toward a future free of Covid-19". They also assure players that Creepers haven't changed permanently: "they still want nothing more than to get cozy with you and proceed to blow up. But in our social channels, and for the time being, they also want to help put an end to the pandemic."
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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