The future of Fallout 76: pets, Legendary Perks, and a "re-balance" of the game

By Heidi Nicholas,
Last week's Wastelanders update added a lot of new content to Fallout 76, including new Wastelanders achievements, as well as the much requested addition of NPCs, and a reputation system for dealing with them. Now that the update's been out for over a week or so, the attention seems to be shifting again to the game's future. In a recent AMA, the devs discussed future content such as pets, Legendary Perks, new storylines and companions, and more.

Wastelanders update

In the AMA over on Reddit, the dev team said that the Legendary Perk system will be added into the game in the summer. "These perks are highly powerful and coveted, and players will unlock new slots to fit them in starting at level 50", said Jeff Gardiner, Project Leader for Fallout 76 and a Bethesda Game Studios dev. "You can also scrap all of your extra cards to ranks these perks up, and, when you roll alt characters these slots will be unlocked on them as well." Gardiner also confirmed that the team are hoping to add pets to the game, saying, "now that we have our companions system in the game, we are looking to add pets as well."

Speaking of companions; it seems as though multiple NPCs in the camp at the same time won't be possible, at least not any time soon. It seems the team are enthusiastic about the idea, but "there are numerous issues that would need to be addressed. Doubling the amount of NPCs in the world comes at a heavy cost!" Gardiner did add, however, that the patch arriving in May will include a method to allow players to dress companions in costumes. This May patch will also include a new mole miner.

Although the next expansions for Fallout 76 will apparently be more focused on multiplayer, the devs said that there'll also be NPCs and new companions, as well as storylines. They're also going to do "some very fun things with CAMPs" this year, and, later in 2020, will be "looking to re-balance the entire game" to "create a more measured and balanced experience for players of all levels." They add that this rebalancing will target everything, and "not just combat."

All in all, it seems Bethesda has a lot of plans for Fallout 76. There's a lot of content on the way, both in the May patch and later in 2020, but the devs say a roadmap for the year is in the works: we'll update you when they release it.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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