Next week sees the start of Battle Armor, a new limited-time mode for Apex Legends

By Heidi Nicholas,
Next week sees the start of Battle Armor, a new limited-time mode for Apex Legends. Battle Armor runs for two weeks from April 28th, ending on May 12th, when the game's fifth season begins.

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Design Director Jason McCord describes the event in more detail on the game's site. Battle Armor will "evolve" over the two weeks, with a "new twist on armor every few days." Players will be equipped with only one type of armour and a P2020, with all other armour taken out of the loot pool.

Level 1 takes place from the 28th April, 10am PDT, until the 2nd of May, 10am ODT. Players will be given white armour.

Level 2 runs from May 2nd, 10:01 am PDT until May 6th, 10am PDT, and players will get only blue armour.

Level 3 begins at 10:01am PDT on May 6th and runs until 10am PDT May 9th, and players will have purple armour. McCord mentions that the team expect fights to last longer at this level, since it's much better armour.

Lastly, from May 9th, 10:01am PDT until May 12th, 10am PDT, players will have only Evo armour. There'll also be double Level XP for the top 5 finishes for all modes.

Season 4 is being extended by one week, so the Battle Armor mode ends on May 12th: the new start date for Season 5. McCord mentions that the event "is just one way we are going to start experimenting with the core gameplay of Apex Legends", and that "even more twists" are planned in the future. We'll keep you posted.
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