Playing GTA Online this month gets you a one-time gift of GTA$500,000

By Heidi Nicholas,
Rockstar has announced a one-off gift for anyone who picks up GTA Online this month: GTA$500,000, to be delivered to your Maze Bank Account within a week. This applies for the month of May, but just for this week there's also triple rewards on Business Battles, as well as a range of new discounts.

GTA Online

In their latest newswire, Rockstar says this one-time gift of GTA$ is available from today, May 1st, for the whole month. This week, meanwhile, there's triple rewards — meaning triple GTA$ and RP — for Business Battles, as well as double rewards for Special Cargo Sell Missions until May 6th.

The latest discounts in the game include 35% off the Pegassi Oppressor, 40% off the B-11 Strikeforce and Nightclubs, and 60% off the Declasse Hotring Sabre. This week's top prize for the Lucky Wheel at the Diamond Casino & Resort, available until May 6th, is the Pegassi Reaper.

This is also the last week of GTA V being in Xbox Game Pass — the game's due to leave the service on May 7th, the same day as Rockstar's other huge title, Red Dead Redemption 2, joins it.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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