Sony and Microsoft to show games at Geoff Keighley's Summer Game Fest

By Heidi Nicholas,
Geoff Keighley has announced new details about the upcoming Summer Game Fest, which will cover "four months of events" from "the entire video game industry". The Summer Game Fest runs from May to August and includes game news, in-game events, demos, and more, from some major names in the industry. Part of Keighley's announcement included the reveal of Phase One of the event's lineup:

Summer Game Fest

Phase One includes everyone from Xbox and PlayStation to Bethesda, CD Projekt Red, and, interestingly, Warner Bros. Keighley and iam8bit — the former showfloor design team for E3 — are also currently taking part in an AMA over on Reddit, where Keighley confirms there'll be more phases of partner announcements on the way. "Each publisher will decide to share news when they can", he said, adding, "and note that we aren't saying everyone on that list has a "conference" per se, each publisher will likely have different approaches this year to how they communicate news."

Keighley also confirmed on Twitter that Xbox is planning a playable Game Festival for this summer, and that one of the events planned for the Summer Game Fest is the special Inside Xbox episode taking place next week, which will showcase Xbox Series X gameplay — including the first gameplay trailer for Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

In a longer note on Twitter, Keighley discusses his enthusiasm for the Summer Game Fest. "Since I was a kid, one of my favourite parts of the summer has been seeing all the video game companies band together to hype us up about the future of this incredible medium", he says, adding that "for a while, I thought 2020 might be the first time in 25 years we didn't have a big, magic industry-wide moment". This seems to be the thinking behind the Summer Game Fest, which will include news, "in-game events, playable content and demos... and a bunch of fun surprises".

One fan asked about the difficulty of arranging such a feat during the AMA. "I only really wanted to do this if we could get full alignment from all the game publishers and platforms around a central idea", Keighley replied. "And that took time, especially given the current global pandemic... it's not easy getting all the companies to align around one idea", he added, noting that "there are always days when it feels like it's falling apart, or difficult conversations to have with people. But all that matters is that we got there, and that's the best thing for the industry and its fans."

The Summer Game Fest runs from May to August, and culminates in Keighley's Gamescom show on the 24th of August. It sounds as though there'll be a lot of details and information coming over the summer, and we'll be sure to keep you updated.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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