A free content update for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order adds New Journey +

By Heidi Nicholas,
Today's Star Wars day, and to celebrate, EA and Respawn have released a free content update for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, with new cosmetics and new modes, including a New Journey + mode.

Spoiler warning: the content of this update seems to be targeted at players who've completed the game, or are at least very far through it, and mentions end-game content. If you're still at the beginning of the story, you might want to wait to read anything about this update until you've completed the game's story.

First up, the update includes a new game mode, Meditation Training, to be accessed via Meditation Points. Meditation Training contains another two modes within it: Combat Challenges and the Battle Grid. EA warns new players to be wary when trying Combat Challenges; they're targeted at "veteran players", for when "Cal is at his strongest and most experienced". Combat Challenges include waves of enemies swarming Cal against "multiple planetary backdrops from across the galaxy". These locations each have individual challenges, with a different number of waves, and challenges will be scored out of three stars: one for completing a challenge, two for managing it without healing, and three for completing it without taking damage. Once you reach a total of 12 stars across any amount of challenges, you'll get three new BD-1 cosmetics: Onderon Bloom, Kesselstone, and Galionica.

The Battle Grid, meanwhile, is a sandbox where players can make their own challenges by choosing a location, the size of the encounter, the difficulty modifiers, and the combat difficulty. Battle Grid includes enemies from Cal's dark visions, such as Jaro Tapal and Cal as Inquisitor.

The New Journey + lets players start from the beginning, with access to the new content. Meditation Training is only available in New Journey + so starting this mode gives access to the Combat Challenges and Battle Grid. Players will keep all collectables, such as lightsaber parts and cosmetics, but will need to relearn abilities. Chests you've already opened will stay empty, so you'll only need to check for those you haven't yet found. New Journey + unlocks the Inquisitor Uniform for Cal, as well as a red kyber crystal and the Protection and Defense I & II lightsaber sets.

Lastly, there's some accessibility improvements, such as an option to allow button-mashing quick-time events to be skipped, and an option allowing players to climb without having to hold the climb button. You can read the full list of new options and changes here.

This free content update is out today.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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