Gears POP! update nerfs popular Pins and adds a new character from Gears Tactics

By Sean Carey,
Season 9 has kicked off in Gears POP!, and with it comes a slew of balance changes and a new Legendary Pin in the form of Gabe Diaz from Gears Tactics.


According to the most recent patch notes, this update makes changes to several of the more powerful Pins in the game. This is down to these pins having "consistently high play and win rates", Mediatonic says. "It can be hard to justify playing some of the other Pins when certain Pins are so consistently powerful and ubiquitous."

Changes are being made to both Myrrah and the Emergence Hole. Myrrah's health has been lowered by 20%, and the time between Wretches spawning has been increased from six to nine seconds. Mediatonic says that Myrrah is one of the best-performing Pins in the game, but should only be powerful when used in the correct strategy and not in every squad that's created. The changes will make her less impactful on her own, but she'll thrive when "played with the right squad". The Emergence Hole can now be targeted by enemy pins and will summon one less pack of Wretches.

Reyna is also seeing a considerable nerf. Reyna's health and attack speed have been lowered in a bid to make her less of a threat on her own. Spotters and Power Generators are being nerfed too. The Power Generator will generate 5% less power and Spotters have had a huge 38% health reduction. Kantus has also had a rework that sees him stay in cover for a shorter period of time, but nerfs his ability health and damage increase.

Gears POP!

A change that shakes up gameplay has also been introduced. Pins will now target the enemy leader after one Outpost has been destroyed if they are closer to the leader.

The new pin introduced into Gears POP! will be a familiar face if you've played Gears Tactics. Gabe Diaz is a Legendary Pin that costs 5 Power. He is a cover-taker that can quickly capture territory and spawns Lancer Gears to aid him. Gabe Diaz can be found in Arena 8 Gear Packs and above.

The full list of changes is found below:


  • Pins will prefer going for the enemy Leader on Outpost has been destroyed if they are closer to the leader

Drop Pod

  • Level of Shepherds: +2 -> +4 of Drop Pod's level

Emergence Hole

  • Health -25%
  • Duration: 12 seconds -> 9 Seconds
  • Can be targeted by enemy Pins


  • Health: +22%
  • Damage: +33%

Kate Diaz

  • Health: - 18%
  • Health gain per level decreased


  • Cover Wait: Long -> Medium
  • Ability health increase: -32%
  • Ability damage increase: + 5 damage at level 1, down from +6. Now only increases once every 3 levels, rather than every level

Mina Jinn

  • Melee troops can now damage Pins inside the shield, regardless of them being outside it or not
  • Fixed a bug where Fortifications did not drain health while protected by the shield


  • Health: -20%
  • Time between Wretches: 6 seconds -> 9 seconds


  • Damage: - 25%

Power Generator

  • Increased power generation: +30% -> 25%

Reyna Diaz

  • Health: -38%
  • Attack speed: 1.3 seconds -> 1.6 seconds


  • Health: -38%


  • Also now increases the movement speed of all your Pins by 20% for the duration.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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