E3 2011: Mercury Hg Announced for XBLA

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
The first two iterations of the Mercury franchise started on the PSP handheld, with the third instalment arriving exclusively for the Wii. Now, UTV Ignition has decided to expand their user base and is developing the fourth game in the franchise, Mercury Hg, for release on Xbox LIVE Arcade.

Mercury Hg will have 60 "all-new deviously constructed" levels that are filled with hazards and obstacles. Players have to navigate the "Mercury Blob" through each level by changing its colour and dissecting the blob by cutting it on a protruding surface (fun fact: mercury is the only metal that can sustain a liquid state at room temperature). Skills are tested to their limit as the blob has to travel through various types of slippery objects and sticky tiles, as well as using balance and momentum to get past obstacles and reach the finish line with the blob still fully intact.

Players can compete with their friends through online leaderboards. The game also interacts with songs from the player's library, as the blob and game levels pulsate in real-time.

A release date is yet to be confirmed for Mercury Hg.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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